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General questions and answers

Q. Can you pick us up at our hotel?

Yes, we can do it upon request, with additional fee.

Q. Can I drive in and meet you at the start of the tour in the countryside?

YES!  Click on this link and use google maps.  It is mandatory that you let us know that you will be meeting us at the bike depot.

Q. Is there a student discount?

Yes, students have the right to a 10% discount on the full price on all of our tours. Discounts are valid for students under the age of 26, upon presentation of a valid student ID -  no perpetual students! 
Children under the age of 12 have the right to a 50% discount on the full price on all of our tours.

Q. What are the age limitations?

We have had all ages participate in our Tuscany bike tour. We will not take infants on the Tuscany bike ride. No exceptions, sorry. We do accept them on the Florence city bike tour, though.

Q. What type of bikes do you use?

For our Tuscany rides, we use good quality 28'', aluminum frame, 24-speed Kona Dew bikes. If you would like to see the bikes that we actually use, click here.
A limited number of children bikes are available, down to 7 y.o.
The e-bikes in our fleet are "Move Your Life" UMB-3 bikes.
For our city tours, we use 26'' single-speed Holland bikes.
We reserve the right to use different models at any moment, should the need arise.

Q. Do we cater for special dietary needs?

Yes, definitely - vegans, vegetarians, don't like tomatos...

Q. What clothes should I wear?

Wear clothes that you would wear for an active day out bike riding! The guides usually wears shorts and a T-shirts, but bring along something in case it should cool down in the afternoon. If it’s overcast or cool out, definitely bring something to keep you warm for the ride back downhill in the afternoon. You can leave any extra clothing at our bike depot.

Q. What if the weather looks bad? Will the tour be canceled if it rains on the day

If the weather looks bad, PLEASE bring the appropriate rain gear if you still want to do the tour. We will do our best to give you a great day out in the tuscan countryside, and hopefully on your bike. We will use our van to do the tour when it is raining. We will always offer the tour rain or shine. If you have reserved for the tour and want to still do it, but on a different day, please just call us in the a.m.
Please check our RAIN POLICY where everything is explained in detail.

Q. What form of payment is accepted?

I Bike Italy accepts cash payments on the day of the tour, all major credit cards (except American Express) and PayPal services.

Q. Do we welcome non cycling partners?

Yes we do, however there is no discount offered

About Classic Tuscany Tour

Q. How hard is the Bike Tour?

Our bike tour was originally designed to be a real bike ride through the Tuscan countryside, and is thus, not a “fat tire” bike tour. The bike tour can be challenging for some people. However, our bike tour is something we try to make available to everyone, and quantifying a level of difficulty is at best, never going to satisfy everyone. With that said: if you have any difficulty with the hills, it is ok to get off of your bike and walk. If the hill is still a bit too daunting, then we will call on our van to give you a lift to the top. If you are adventurous enough to be looking into a bike ride in Tuscany, then you can probably do the tour; whether biking, walking part of it, or maybe taking it easy in the van, we guarantee that you will have a great day out in the tuscan countryside!

Q. Is there van support?

Yes, we do offer van support.  We do our best to get everyone to ride, but If the hill is still a bit too daunting, then we will call on our van to give you a lift. We have excellent bikes that are well maintained and that with proper use and a bit of instruction from the guide, can get many of you through the tour without a van, and thus you can enjoy an excellent guilt-free tuscan meal! However, our van will always be ready to assist.

Q. Can I use my own bike?

It is possible. However you would need to contact us in advance to let us know that you are bringing your own bike. 

Q. Can I bring my own seat/pedals?

Yes, you are welcome to bring any of your own equipment although the ride is generally easy enough to not merit swapping out pedals.

Q. Do I have to be fit to do the tour?

A GOOD LEVEL OF FITNESS IS REQUIRED TO DO OUR ONE DAY BIKE TOUR IN TUSCANY Our tour is slowly paced with plenty of pauses and water breaks along the way. Remember it’s a bike ride not a race. And we guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable day. We want you to enjoy the tour to the full, however a basic level of fitness is suggested.

Q. How difficult is the ride?

The ride is 16 miles, about 28 kilometers. There are several small and relatively short uphill sections, that at the worst, can be walked. The rest of the terrain is fairly flat and meandering country roads. The bicycles we have hand picked all have 24 gears and are equipped with low gears for hill climbs. You can ride at your own pace without feeling pressured. There are lots of opportunities along the way to stop and rest or take photos.

Q. Is there an option to buy wine and oil on the bike tour?

Definitely. The wine and oil on the tours are all locally produced products and are often not found in the U.S. or abroad at all.  Shipping is possible from all vineyards.

Advanced Full Day Tour

Q. How hard is this bike tour?

Quantifying and rating the level of difficulty for any bike ride (unless it is totally flat) is difficult. Our Fiesole bike ride is offered to those people that are looking to do not just a bike tour, but something closer to a real bike ride as well. We strongly suggest that people who are regular cyclists, participate in this tour.

Q. Can't I just rent a bike and ride to Fiesole on my own?

Yes. However doing a tour on your own you will not be able to tour the winery and vineyard. We have exclusive access to these places and they are not open to the general public.  We also have a time tested and scenic route which will enable you to get the most out of your day - and we take you to the best place to eat!  

Q. Is this a supported ride?

No. It is just you, your bike and your guide.

Q. This is not a supported ride? What if I can't do it?

You will have your expert guide as support! We will do our best to get you through the tour, and have had many people do this ride with us, some have walked up a good part of the hill. We do our best to thoroughly vet all participants, but if it turns out that you just can't do it, we will lock up your bike and call you a cab at your own expense

Q. Is there an option to buy wine and oil on the bike tour?

Definitely. The wine and oil on the tours are all locally produced products and are often not found in the U.S. or abroad at all.  Shipping is possible from all vineyards.

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